• Tutoring Services

ACAPS has a desire to provide various services to help meet some of the most common academic needs seen in school-age children. Below is a list of specific services offered.


  • Literacy Instruction:
    •   LETRS
    •   Orton-Gillingham
    •   HillCenter (RAP95, HillWrite)
    •   Seeing Stars
    •   LetterLand
  • Math Instruction:
    •   IReady Math
    •   Math Seeds


    • Academic Advising
    • College Readiness Support
    • Scholarship Resources


  • Basic Social Skills Training
    • Identifying emotions in self and others
    • Recognizing “me” thinking and “other” thinking
    • Expected and Unexpected thinking and response
    • Basics of conversations
    • Basics of friendship skills
  • Advanced Social Skills Training
    • Perspective Taking
    • Compromising/Negotiation
    • Higher order language skills such as inferencing/predicting
    • Nonliteral Language/Figurative Language
    • Advanced conversation skills
    • Advanced emotional awareness skills in self and others
  • Individual/Group

Tutoring Team

Educational Specialist

Advisement Team

Occupational Therapist

Social Communication Specialist

To schedule an appointment, complete the online form or call us at (828) 575-9760 or email at acapstutoring@apppsych.org.

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