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Our Story

After working in the mental health community for years in many facilities, our founders decided to combine their skills, experience, and knowledge to create a unique community that focuses on the holistic journey of the people they serve.

As a result, Appalachian Counseling and Psychological Services opened in 2014 to provide integrated services from testing to treatment. We create an environment that offers a team approach, where professionals work together to provide varied, evidence-based, and comprehensive services focusing on the whole person.

As a team of psychologists, therapists, and medical staff, we offer an integrated approach to address the needs of the people we serve. We give hope, help, and healing to our patients and their families.

Meet Our Testing Services Team

Our Testing Team can help provide information to reveal why you or a loved one may be having trouble navigating life or learning successfully. Testing can be the first step for identifying resources and support for positive growth.

Meet Our Administrative Team

Our awesome administrative team keeps us on track. Their support helps us focus on providing the best care – always

Meet Our Medication Management Team

Medication management services are available to help you better handle challenges you may be facing to be the best version of yourself.

Meet Our Students and Interns

ACAPS is proud to provide testing & training experience for undergraduate and graduate students.

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