Our office is accepting patients and welcomes new opportunities to provide care.

Patient/Self Referrals:

Please call our office at 828-575-9760 and one of our referral coordinators will be pleased to assist you.

Physician/Clinician Referrals:

If you are a referring office, please complete our referral form and fax it to our office at 828-575-9761 along with any pertinent records that would accompany the referral.

Patient forms are located here.


  1. Do I need a referral to be seen in your office?
◊    Referrals are required by most health insurance companies to ensure that patients are seeing the correct providers for the correct problems. While this may seem to some like an extra, unnecessary step, failure to obtain the necessary referral before seeing a specialist can result in coverage not being applied to a visit or service, and costs being passed on directly to the patient. We recommend contacting your insurance carrier for more information.
  1. How do I schedule an appointment?
◊    If you are a self-referral, please call our office at 828-575-9760 and one of our referral coordinators will be happy to help you get scheduled.
◊    If you are bring referred by a clinician, one of our referral coordinators will reach out to you for scheduling once the referral has been received and processed.
  1. What information does your office need when making a referral?
◊    Our office asks that the most recent office note be submitted with the referral. We also recommend any records that are pertinent to the referral also be sent. This can expedite scheduling for certain services that we offer. Feel free to contact our referral department with any questions.
  1. Are there any forms that I need to complete prior to scheduling?
◊    You can find our service specific intake forms on our homepage or by following this link. Intake paperwork for counseling services is not required prior to scheduling. You will have the opportunity to complete these forms through our patient portal or in the office when checking in to your appointment.
◊    Intake paperwork for testing services is required prior to scheduling. These forms can be sent to you through our patient portal or through the mail.