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Our testing services are unique in that more than one specialist evaluates you. During a series of appointments, you’ll meet with several team members to perform a variety of assessments, which could include psychological, neuropsychological, educational, and/or speech-language. Our holistic assessment lets us look at you as the whole person to diagnose the problem you’re experiencing.

Our therapy team will walk with you from intake to discharge or referral to additional services/supports. Team members are highly trained with specialty areas to address the various needs of our patients. This personalized care results in a tailored therapy and treatment plan to begin your journey to positive growth.

The Difference You’ll Experience

Care at Every Stage of Testing

We offer testing, therapy, and support for all ages.

A Complete Assessment

We perform a neuropsychological, psychological, educational, and/or speech-language evaluation to get detailed results. 

Professionally Trained Team of Therapists

Our licensed therapists and psychologists complete extensive specialized training such as EMDR and CBT.

Compassionate People

We genuinely care about helping our patients live well.

What to Expect for Testing

Our initial meeting lets us determine how we can meet your needs and your family’s. At the meeting, we gather information about your history, why you’re here, how you and your family feel, and anything else that may provide insight. Then, we use this information to perform your comprehensive, customized assessment.

After completing your formal testing sessions, you’ll receive the detailed results at your feedback session. Then, you and your loved ones can ask questions and discuss options. We want you to understand the problem fully and know what resources are available to help you navigate life more successfully.

Length of Assessment and Treatment

The number of appointments your assessment takes varies from person to person. Since our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all to get answers, your specialist will advise you on how many tests or therapy sessions you’ll need. 

After we have the answers, if needed, we personalize your treatment plan and next steps depending on what we discover. Everyone progresses at a rate that’s comfortable for them. We’re here to support you every step of the way. 

What to Expect with Therapy

Whether you are referred to us or have contacted us yourself, your paperwork will be reviewed to determine which of our qualified therapists will best fit your specific needs and concerns and then an intake meeting will be scheduled. During this meeting, you and your therapist will get to know one another and discuss your current needs, as well as any other relevant information related to developing a plan for future treatment. You and your therapist will, then, determine the best frequency, style, and approach that is best for you.

Curious to Learn More?

Check out what other patients frequently ask on our FAQs Page or review our articles, mental health care information, and counseling resources.

Hear What Patients and Family Members Say

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ACAPS was a wonderful place to complete my Masters of Social Work internship! It’s amazing how intentional they are with the program. Interns are not an afterthought, they are a crucial part of the organization. I felt valued and invested in. Intentional supervision, projects and presentations offered, a weekly mentorship, and an individual caseload of low-cost therapy offered to the community allowing interns to practice and gain valuable real-life experience. ACAPS is committed to the Western North Carolina community by serving clients with quality therapeutic services and training future clinicians with the skills they need to be successful!

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I have used this place for testing for 2 of my children, years apart and have had nothing but great Dr’s , testers, office staff and counseling!! They treated me with respect ,answered all my questions and we’re tender and understanding if I got upset. I didn’t feel like a number felt very cared about and they genuinely cared about my children and wanted to help!

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Great place and wonderful people and Drs! Couldn’t have came this far without them! Thank you so much!!!!
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Had an amazing experience brining our daughter here for testing. Their staff was very through and professional and the testing answered so many questions for us.

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