Do I really need testing?

Everyone experiences challenging situations, and while you may have successfully navigated through other difficulties, there’s nothing wrong with seeking extra support when needed. Using psychological testing to identify your challenges is a powerful tool in the process of change and growth. No matter your situation, an assessment is the first step on your journey to discovering answers and finding support. 

Find answers to other questions you may have below, and as always, feel free to call us if you don’t see your answer here. 

In response to recent COVID-19 concerns, we serve individuals and their families through telehealth to provide neuropsychological and psychological testing, therapy, and medication management. We have also incorporated precautions for in-person assessments and therapy, such as a plexiglass partition separating the examiner from the patient, and we sterilize rooms thoroughly.

Some of the benefits you might experience from psychological and neuropsychological testing include:  

  • Discovering more about yourself, your goals, and values
  • Developing an understanding of what has been causing problems in your life 
  • Finding ways to advocate for yourself, your child, or loved one
  • Learning new strengths, you didn’t realize you had
  • Finding new resources to assist in your (or your child’s) personal growth

Some adults get tested because they’re struggling with a life-changing event or circumstances. Others may need help regulating their moods or understanding why they have mood swings. 

Some parents need help understanding why their child is having difficulties in school or they may suspect their child has ADHD and want guidance on how to handle it. Other parents may guess their child is gifted or possibly has a learning disability and need support advocating for their child’s needs. We help you find out if your child is experiencing a learning disability in a specific area (reading, math, comprehension), ADD/ADHD, or if your child has a processing issue. This information helps you and your child’s teachers best determine why your child has difficulty making progress in school. In addition, pediatricians and others will be able to make specific referrals for interventions to provide support, education, and possibly therapy. 

You begin with a general consultation with your testing professional to gather information about the problem you’re experiencing and some background about you and your history. Generally, the full process takes between one and four sessions. We’ll make the actual testing session appointments at the time of the consultation. Often these sessions may feel like you are playing games of completing puzzles or patterns. Sometimes, the tests are multiple-choice questions, and sometimes they ask you to complete sentences about the information you have read or heard.  

Yes. We provide mental health therapy to adults and children through individual, family, and couples therapies. In addition, we have a Spanish-speaking therapist on staff.

Unfortunately, not right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeing patients for therapy through telehealth appointments. However, we perform assessments in a combination of both in-person and telehealth, depending on the requirements of the assessments. COVID-19 precautions are in place during all in-person meetings.

Yes, and insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover your healthcare visit through telehealth. It’s a two-way office visit from the comfort of your home using your laptop, tablet, or other technology. Benefits include privacy assurance, convenience, less waiting time, and avoiding any unnecessary exposure to viruses or other illnesses. 

To determine if you have mental health coverage through your insurance carrier, first call your insurance company. Some helpful questions you can ask them include: 

  • What are my benefits for psychological testing?
  • What kind of fees should I expect?
  • Does my insurance require a preauthorization (an approval from the company before testing can begin)?
  • What are my out-of-pocket costs for testing? 
  • Is approval required to complete testing (if ACAPS is not in your network of providers)? 

We take most major insurances. If you have questions about your specific insurance, please call us at 828-575-9760

Yes. We have a physical location at 1 Oak Plaza Suite 208, Asheville, NC as well as a location at 205 Locust St, Spruce Pine, NC.

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