4 Self-Care Techniques to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health issues, such as mood disorders, affect millions of people across the globe. According to World Bank, nearly one million individuals face significant mental health disorders annually. If you’re suffering from mental illness, you’re not alone. While you should certainly seek professional therapy, there are many self-care techniques to help you improve your quality of life and manage your situation.

1. Exercise

Exercise does more than keep your body in shape. It’s just as vital for your mental and emotional health. You can reduce stress and stretch the body by practicing yoga and daily walking. Going to the gym can also help you do more high-impact work that can boost your energy and keep you healthy. Exercise also releases endorphins, which are known to help make you feel better.

2. Make Time for Friends and Family

Regular contact with the people you love helps remind you that you’re cared for. Being surrounded by such positivity makes it hard for bad thoughts to set in and ruin your mood. Sharing a good laugh or engaging in fun hobbies with people in your circle is a great way to keep mood disorders in check.

3. Eat Well

The saying “you are what you eat,” is much more accurate than people believe. Not only in terms of your physical prowess but also your mental health. Help manage your mood disorders by eating healthy meals and drinking plenty of water so that you can stay focused. Consuming too much sugar or processed foods can also affect your hormone levels, which may also affect your moods.

4. Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is a time when our brains and our bodies recharge themselves. It’s simply impossible to function when you lack adequate sleep. Adults should always aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, as poor sleep can make you feel cranky and exhausted all day. Try going to bed around the same time every night and turning off all devices.

Your health starts with you. So practice good self-care for your mind and body to ensure you can handle any mood disorders and other mental issues that may come your way. If you need help managing your mental health, contact our local team at Appalachian Counseling and Psychological Services today for assistance.