Perhaps you are needing help dealing with trauma – right now – and don’t want to wait and spend months in the traditional, weekly model, of therapy to feel better? Perhaps your schedule just doesn’t allow for the ​weekly interruption of time spent ​both in therapy, and on self-care following appointments?
If so, our EMDR Intensive Programs may be the best choice for you.

What are EMDR Intensives?

Our Intensive EMDR Programs are ideal for clients who want to expedite their treatment results. You are given exclusive access to appointments reserved for the intensive program, and you will typically be able to get started within a few weeks, drastically reducing the initial wait time in getting started. With multiple sessions compacted into one day you reduce the amount of time spent opening and closing each session and therefore increase the amount of progress you can make. By having a dedicated chunk of time devoted to treatment at one time, you increase the percentage of session time spent addressing the memories and symptoms that brought you to treatment.

What to expect in the EMDR Intensive Programs

The EMDR Intensive consists of three parts: An Assessment Appointment, an Intensive Processing Session, and a Follow up Appointment.

  1. The Intensive Program begins with a 2-hour Assessment Appointment a few days prior to the Intensive Processing Session. This appointment time is used to assess for candidacy in the Intensive Program, discuss the concerns bringing you to treatment, address your questions and identify the negative belief systems that have reinforced the old patterns of thinking and feeling.
  2. Your Intensive Processing Session begins by developing resources to increase your sense of calm, security, and control, allowing you to more confidently examine your trauma. 
  3. ​The Intensive Program concludes with a 90-minute follow up appointment the week after your processing session. Additional EMDR therapy appointments may be necessary to achieve your treatment goals. Note: additional sessions beyond the Follow-up Appointment are not included in the Intensive Program fee; recommendations are individualized based on your specific needs. In complex cases, especially with multiple traumatic events, additional intensive work will be recommended.

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