EMDR certification is voluntary and is not required for a clinician to practice EMDR therapy. However, using EMDR certification under your license allows patients and other professionals an immediate awareness of your specialized training.

Below is a list of requirements from EMDRIA (the accrediting body for EMDR training/certification):

  • 20 hours of consultation completed within the last 5 years (group & individual experience)
  • Complete 12 hours of EMDRIA-approved CEUs
  • A notarized document stating that you have ‘at least 2 years experience in your field of license’ and that you have conducted ‘at least 50 EMDR session with at least 25 different clients’.
  • 2 peer letters of recommendation
  • 1 letter of recommendation from your EMDR Consultant.
  • Certification fee
For further questions related to the EMDR Certification process, please visit the link below.