Adjunctive sessions may be for you!

If you are already working with your own therapist and don’t want to make a change to engage in EMDR, you don’t have to!
We offer adjunctive EMDR collaboration for clients to add to their current therapy progress.
​We will collaborate with your current therapist for best results.

At times, in traditional talk therapy, we find “stuck points” that we are unable to move past. It can feel like our logic and gut reactions are at odds, arguing and keeping us trapped in our old patterns. And we find ourselves repeating the same negative self-talk or harmful behaviors. In these situations your primary therapist may recommend Adjunct EMDR. Adjunct EMDR is not a replacement for your primary therapy. Rather, it is a goal specific treatment to help initiate change around an identified memory or intrusive thought. In Adjunct EMDR targeted thoughts do not have to be tied to a highly traumatic memory. In the Assessment Appointment we will work to identify the underlying memories or relationship dynamics that “birthed” this pattern of thinking. Treatment is often brief and is most effective in the EMDR Intensive Program. Success of your treatment depends on clearly defined goals for your EMDR therapist, created in collaboration with you and your primary therapist.

Adjunctive EMDR is often covered by insurance, but please note that insurance will often not cover two therapy appointments on the same day. Private pay options are also available for those not wanting to use insurance, or wanting longer session times than
​your insurance may allow.

To schedule an appointment, complete the online form or call us at (828) 575-9760. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.