EMDR Traditional Therapy?

This treatment option is available to clients who have the flexibility in their schedule to commit to weekly appointments. Weekly, 55 minute, EMDR therapy is covered by many health insurance plans, which may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. This treatment option allows for ongoing support for clients who want a moderate pace working through their trauma.  

What to expect in traditional 55-minute EMDR sessions

  • Each session begins with a check in of new insights and feelings that were experienced between sessions as well as setting up the target memory for treatment in session. 
  • EMDR reprocessing of the target memory. 
  • Containing the emotions that were uncovered and closing the session.

EMDR 55-minute sessions are often covered by insurance, but please note that insurance companies generally don’t cover longer (90 minute) sessions, which may be recommended by your therapist.   Private pay options are also available for those not wanting to use insurance, or wanting longer session times than ​your insurance may allow.

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